W9YL : a new club, a new beginning

Welcome to the realm of the Chick Factors, the women of Amateur Radio.

We have entered the world and hobby of men and have stood beside them, operated with them, and contested against and with the best of them. We have proven ourselves worthy of being called Hams.

We will spread the word of Amateur Radio to other women. We will light the flame of curiosity in other women’s hearts, hoping that the simple flame will grow into a full fire and in turn will lead them into Amateur Radio. 

What happens now?

We expand our nest. We talk it up. We stay active. We get on the air and communicate with the world around us. We try new ventures in Amateur Radio. We accept new challenges with pride. We never look back and say "I wish I would have..." because we've done it already, and we did it well. We fluff our feathers and hold our heads high - we are Chick Factors, and no one can tell us otherwise.